Structured Attorney fees: Unexpected Timing of Income

Structured settlement is a negotiable tool to plan the finances of a party. It helps in providing financial as well as income stability to the party under the lawsuit. Structured settlement with the name itself tells- settlement of the finance in a structured layout, it is very important to have a planned finance structure for maintaining the good financial conditions. Along with the income stability, structured settlement also gives the party tax advantages which make this tool even more beneficial. There is variety of options available for structured settlement payments depending on the need of the plaintiff and the requirements by them. There can be more than one type of inflows of the payments under a single contract in a structured settlement. The payments can also be made through different methods may it be- bank transfers, direct payments, funds etc. all these options of settlement makes it easy for the payee and act as a great benefit at the time of need. These insurance experts or agents are specialized in this profession and they also hold life insurance licenses and also get commissions from the life insurance companies which issue the structured settlement annuity. Getting a structured settlement is very easy and flexible as one can decide before filling the statement the need of the funds, when the requirement is the most, how to get it, at what intervals it is required. The settlement of the payment can be extended or contacted as much as one can according to once own requirement. The broker files the structure settlement and also gets paid for the same. Any broker having the license of life insurance annuity can also be a consultant for structured settlements. The main key people involved for this tool are the brokers, the insurance consultants and the person filling for settlement i.e. the injured person. The injure files for settlement to the broker or the consultant then the broker goes through the qualifying points that fall under the stated laws.


As a power or attorney one can always enjoy the same benefits which are enjoyed by a regular client or a claimant of the injury, by doing complete and efficient structuring of the payments to be made in future i.e. the fees. The structuring attorney fees also known as taxable damages, is not the regular type of structured statement fee. It is practiced in different types of situations.  . It is always better to push the tax of six months ahead in the year so that the income settlement and the tax fees on it are not practiced together. This helps in lowering down the tax amount many of the times and in many cases as well. If the tax is applied at wrong and incorrect timing of the income being received then it will offend the basic and the most important purpose and benefit of the structured settlement. it is very important to implement the correct practices of attorney fees at the correct timings and avoiding the incorrect and wrong timing of charging this fees.

To avoid the unexpected timings of income one can and one should importantly avoid the tax fee planning of 1 January schedule of start date, as by avoiding 1 January as the start date of the structured settlement attorney fee payments. The structured settlement companies who are known for their good performances always send the payments or the incomes by check in advance only. The make sure that the payments to be made by them are timely and they reach to their clients with safety and at correct time. There is also a company which is known for making the payments to its customers or the clients 10 days in advanced from the actual time of paying the installment, just for giving timely and good services to the clients.

The annuity issuer is always having a contractual obligation on its shoulders or over its head to make the complete and the timely payments to its clients. Not only the organizations are following the 1 January time structure but all the other due date circles with thousand of annuities are also applied under the same prevailing conditions. If the issuer will make any change or delay the payments even with one day then thousands of the clients will have to suffer at the same time, so timely payment is very important. To prevent itself from the delay the organizers have set the data into computerized payment forms so that before the release date of payment the money is deposited automatically in different bank accounts, this also insures them good timely action with increased faith in their customers.

One can mess up with the tax fee or the attorney fee payment flow of carefully attention is not paid on the tax plan of the structured settlement being in action. The issue is same way carried forward when structured settlement for taxable damages is issued. To avoid the wrong and incorrect unexpected income at the time of structuring the attorney fees the organization has to keep in account the very important things which are:

  • If making the payment by check, then the first date of payment of the year should not be earlier than January 10.
  • If being paid directly in to the bank account the payment of structured attorney fees then, it should be made in the early business days of January.

Attorney fee being a very important tool of the structured settlement process should be taken into consideration very importantly. This correcting of making the payments of the installments to the clients by the organizers or the insurance company is very important weather it is made directly or through check but the time directly affects the tax fee on the payment being made. So the decision and the plan of making correct and timely payments are very important to avoid the unexpected tax fee applied on it due to the delay or unexpected change in the payment of the income.